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A Beautiful Morning, a Last Goodbye

Sixth (and last) Game Drive, Morning of Day 4 at Londolozi So…about this 5AM thing . . . Saturday’s drive was relatively uneventful – but we’d already experienced so much, we were content to just be out in that beautiful … Continue reading

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Barcelona Day 18 – Last day, Passadís de Pep

We began our last full day with a small breakfast on our roof deck, a bird-of-paradise blooming for the occasion. First stop was a quick peek into the Museu de la Xocolata (Chocolate Museum).  Jen had been withstanding the siren … Continue reading

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Barcelona Day 17 – Caixa Forum, Hospital de Sant Pau, Cervecería Catalana & Jorge

We spent a relaxing morning on the terrace, and planned our day. First stop was to metro back to Montjuïc, to see the Caixa Forum. The beautiful Art Noveau building, designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch (a name we’ve seen before … Continue reading

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Barcelona fun facts — Poop!

In one store window, we finally spotted “the shitter”. This will require some explanation.  “The shitter,” known in Catalan as the “Caganer” is a figurine depicted in the act of, well, you can guess.  Used in Nativity scenes(!), this “fecundator”, … Continue reading

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Barcelona Day 16 – Old Town, Suquet de L’Almirall

A quiet Sunday morning on the local plaza at the bottom end of our street.  Joanet is a low-key little bar/cafe.  The guy in the yellow, behind Jen, is a regular.  The funny coincidence is that our first morning in … Continue reading

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Videos in blogs

Blog reading tip: Some readers have told us that they haven’t seen the videos in the posts.  It turns out that the emails of the blog posts just show a movie as if it were a still photo (like the … Continue reading

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Barcelona Day 14 – return to MNAC

We decided to return to MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya), on Montjuïc, since we didn’t really have enough time to see everything the last time we were here.  A great policy on the MNAC ticket allows you two visits to the … Continue reading

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